About Us

Fraser Mobile Auto Tech has serviced Cairns and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years. We specialise in fuel injection diagnostic and programming services.

We are equipped with up to date and genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer scanning tools, software(s), laptops and computers and programmers. Our team also has access to the subscription services and specialty diagnostic tools required by particular vehicle manufacturers, including Ford.

We offer a full range of vehicle diagnostic services that help you find out what’s keeping your car from running at its best. After we’ve finished the diagnostic, we’ll provide you with a full breakdown of what’s hiding underneath so you can get it fixed.

We also offer programming services for all vehicle computer systems, including the ABS, PCM, TCM, SRS, BCM, ICM, ACM, EPS, and even the ECU. Plus, we can make your new car keys work again, even if it is an aftermarket key FOB.

About Mark Fraser

Mark, the owner and operator, has been in the automotive industry since 1986. In 1999, Mark moved to Cairns where he later started an auto technician and mechanic business in 2001.

Mark has extensive factory training with more than 30 post apprentice training courses, and he still stays current with the newest technologies and training. Mark understands the value of current training, knowing that it helps him provide the best service to all his clients.

We only use Original Manufactured Equipment that is designed to read deeper than non-Original Manufactured Equiptment. That allows us to find out what’s happening underneath your hood.

If you don’t like wasting your money, call us today. We’ll give you all the information you need to fix your car right.